विद्या ददाति विनयं । विनयाद् याति पात्रताम् ॥ पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति । धनाद्धर्मं ततঃ सुखम् ॥
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A New Approach to Teaching

The downfall of quality science education has prompted few teachers and two serious young boys to establish an educational institution to provide teaching as it is supposed to be at +2 Science level. After several deliberations with many learned teachers "a new approach to teaching" was developed and Institute of Science Education was established in the year 1999.

This new approach to teaching, which puts the principle of "students’ involvement and teachers’ guidance" into practice in a congenial learning atmosphere, was well accepted by the students. It was conceived of as an avenue for the students to give vent to their intellectual needs, which normally remain unexpressed in our traditional educational institutions.

This Institute has become the Coaching Organ of Science Education Foundation since the formation of the later in 17.3.2004.More

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Rahul Kumar Das
Rahul Kumar Das
2nd Topper of Orissa
+2 Science Exam
Smruti Ranjan Samal
Smruti Ranjan Samal
Scored 100% Marks
+2 Science Exam
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