विद्या ददाति विनयं । विनयाद् याति पात्रताम् ॥ पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति । धनाद्धर्मं ततঃ सुखम् ॥
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Aspire +2 Science College
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You Aspire... We guide to fulfil

Your Aspirations

We all have our own private dreams – big, modest or small. We feel happy when these dreams come true. We realise our dreams into reality by several means. Some do it with their own strength and labour while others resort to many vile practices of present day society. In the former case one dazzles like a diamond throughout his life, his career graph ascends for ever. In the later case one may get an early success but sooner or later the pipedreams shatter like a glass house. Which one do you prefer?

The Fulfilment

At Aspire +2 Science College we guide you to fulfil your aspirations in the former manner. We help you to discover your present strength and weaknesses, we train you to improve your intelligent quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) and we co-operate you in your effort to fulfil your aspirations by guiding you properly in your studies.

Aspire is yours forever

The Aspire +2 Science College is established to improve the higher education in our state. It is meant for the students like you, who want to succeed in their life on their own strength and labour, who are frustrated of mugging up of texts from text books and answers from guide books, who want to enjoy their studies.

It is morally and financially supported by our ex-students and their parents. We are proud of them.

ISE – the forerunner of Aspire

The Aspire +2 Science College is the product of 12 years of educational exercises of a group of education loving persons. This endeavour of improving higher education started with establishing a coaching centre namely Institute of Science Education in the year 1999. During these 12 years not only we have produced a +2 Science 2nd topper but also have produced several scientists, medicos, IITians, NITians and other B.Tech. graduates. During these years the group of teachers at the Institute of Science Education have developed a robust teaching program that ensures effective teaching to the desiring students. The only handicap with us was the time we get to interact with the students. We have to restrain ourselves to go to the depth of many topics due to time constraints.

Aspire +2 Science College was born

After Rahul Das, a student of ISE, had been declared the second topper in Odisha, the think tank in Science Education Foundation thought of establishing a +2 Science College. The rationale is simple. If the students who come to ISE for only 3 hours a day could scale such heights, could it be possible to let more such students study under our care for longer hours and blossom into excellence? Hence, Aspire +2 Science College came into being in 2011. The Government of Odisha has kindly given us permission to run the college in a building taken on rent till our own building comes up at Giringaput, Bhubaneswar.

With students with us for full time, at Aspire +2 Science College we are sure we can give better justice to the students.More

First Toppers: Batch 2011-13
Pratikshya Biswal
Mark: 520/600
Studying Medicine at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore
S. Soumya Sucharita
Mark: 519/600
Studying M.Sc. Mathematics in Ravenshaw University after getting Gold Medal in B.Sc. Mathematics(Hons).
Soumyaranjan Jena
Mark: 512/600
Studying in IIT, Kharagpur in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
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